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Pride Vocal: Kasuga IO Words/Music: Souichi Sakagami

Hanasanai kono kodou ga tomatte shimau toki made
I never give up until I die.
Hokoreru mono hitotsu kakaete ugoki hajimeru
I'll start to move with the only pride.
Raku datta sugi-satta hibi
My wonderful days have passed.
Oto wo tatete kuzurete itta
They fell down with a loud sound.
Subete nakushita jibun wa fukou da
I must be unhappy due to lost everything.
Sonna jubun ni yoi-shirete itai?
Do I want to be satisfied with such myself?
See you face. See your mind. Kanarazu mitsukaru itsuka
"See your face. See your mind." I'll definitely find it one day.
Mitsuketa nara osoreru-mono wa nai
I have nothing to fear when I find it.
Hanasanai kono kodou ga tomatte shimau toki made
I never give up until I die.
Hokoreru mono hitotsu kakaete michi wo kiri-hirake
Beat my own path by the only pride.


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