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1・2 no 3・4 Short Ver. Vocal: Hatsune Miku / Satou Sasara Words/Music: Souichi Sakagami

Ichi, ni, no, san, shi de hajimeyou tokimekukokoro
Ready, set, go! I have butterflies in my stomach
Gyutto dakishimete Kirameku koi wo kanjiteru
I want you hug me I feel twinkling love

Doushite? Doushite? kimi ga suki nandesu
How come? How come? I love you
Itsudemo soba ni itai-no
I want to be with you anytime.
Honto ni Honto ni kimi wa suki nandesu?
Really? Really? Do you love me?
Motto mujaki na tokoro misete
I want you to show me that you are innocent

Nee kocchi muite yo
Hey, look at me
Nee te wo tsunaide yo
Hey, hold my hand
Omoi-megurasu lovin' you
I think over you, lovin' you
Kono ama-zuppai mi wo hajike-sase-tai
I want to pop my sour taste heart
I-nuite misete
Show me to shoot it with your allow

Ichi, ni, no, san, shi de kira-kira tokimeku kokoro
Ready, set, go! I have butterflies in my stomach
Hitomi wo tojite yasashii kiss de oshiete
Close your eyes, tell me your feeling by gentle kiss
Ichi, ni, no, san, shi de chikazuku kimi tono kyori ga
Ready, set, go! I'm reaching you
Kitto asenai omoi
Probably my feeling won't change.
Kimi no nukumori kanjiteru
I feel your love


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